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Do you have talent and you expect prospects? Or do you have years of experience and want to double it? We are looking for someone who will strengthen our dream team of cool, highly motivated, experienced and bright professionals. Our doors and hearts are wide open.

We know, that you are good, but we want you to become even better. And if you’re very good, we challenge you to be one of the best. We count on your performance and reward it accordingly – with a performance-related pay structure, health insurance, cool corporate events, trainings, and hot coffee with a pinch of love (check it below 😉

We want to give you the best possible chance to develop your skills fully. We believe that if one takes care of the employees, they will take care of the business. So how about growing together and take new professional heights?

What we offer

Working conditions

Infostroy Software Development provides fair and flexible working conditions. We treat our staff with respect, give fair and appropriate remuneration for the services provided and offer a number of social benefits.
  • Work 40 hours and just 5 days a week, the rest is all yours;
  • 25 calendar days of paid vacation;
  • once a year, the company’s employees undergo Performance review, as well as quarterly meeting with HR and a technical manager;
  • salary revision once a year based on the Performance review procedure;
  • rare and rewarded overtimes. We know you’ll fall in love with your work anyway;
  • only personal attitude to employees. HR team is always there when you need to cry, to laugh, to complain or just to save money on an appointment with a psychologist;
  • work-life balance through different, flexible cooperation models;
  • international character – versatile opportunities within the constantly growing corporate structure;
    modern IT infrastructure, high-class office and the best sunset view from our windows.

personal and professional development

We highly value our employees, therefore we offer them a number of development opportunities, thus investing in both their and our future.
  • Internal and external development opportunities: meetups, conferences, trainings. We strongly encourage the initiative of growth and development of our guys. Find an education activity, leave an application to the company’s management, go to the event and pump out, and then share new knowledge with your colleagues. Because knowledge is the best super power;
  • cooperation with the leading internal (and international) Universities (and research centers) – for example, BSUIR;
  • flexible business trip system – while sending our employees on a business trip, we offer the opportunity to buy back tickets not from the point of destination, where a business trip took place, but from any other and a few days later. In other words, the employee gets the opportunity to extend his business trip by vacation and gets a pleasant experience and bonus from our company. And we also undertake visa support;
  • professional English classes for all the levels.

benefits and social welfare

In addition to an appealing working environment, Infostroy Software Development offers a number of benefits.
  • Every day, hot, varied and tasty dinners from the cafe are delivered to the office right to the lunchtime;
  • twice a year Infostroy Software sponsors corporate events of its employees;
  • and how about ping pong? Every year we have a championship for the title of the first racket of Infostroy;
  • we will never forget to congratulate you with your Birthday, the passing of exams or the child birth;
  • we will provide financial support for a wedding or the childbirth and congratulate you on such a joyous occasion;
  • to make the work more fun, bring a friend with you, using our special referral program.
Infostroy is the place where (we are sure) you would love to be!
Because we also have:
  • Infostroy Software Development covers sports passes and venue rent expenses for football team
  • weight-lifting machine right in the office (or you can run the stairs to the 4th floor). Company car, bicycle and motorbike parking;
  • “Sweet Friday”, with fruits, ice cream, berries, or bacon.

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