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Study at IT-Guru

IT-Guru Lab is a joint project of Infostroy Ltd and the Department of Informatics at KHNURE providing Information Technology courses for students in their 2nd through 5th years of university.

IT-Guru Lab courses deliver the basics and beyond in the following directions: Java, C++ and iOS. It’s a unique opportunity for students to focus on the practical and theoretical dimensions of the subject absolutely free of charge.

IT-Guru Lab courses at a glance:

  • Master the latest technologies by completing educational technical assignments;
  • Expert recommendations and assistance from our technical specialists;
  • Employment opportunities in the company for the best graduates.

Skills and knowledge IT-Guru Lab courses will help you to gain:

Java App Development
  • Basic concepts (collections, exception handling, etc.);
  • Java EE (Servlets, JSP);
  • Web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery);
  • DB (SQL, Hibernate, PostgreSQL);
  • Play Framework (scala-templating).
Visual C++ App Development
  • WinAPI;
  • C++ STL;
  • WxWidgets;
  • WinSock;
  • Boost;
  • Multithreading.
iOS App Development
  • Client-Server App;
  • MVC;
  • CoreData;
  • AFNetworking;
  • Obj-c Blocks;
  • Asynchronous Request/Response;
  • AutoLayout, SizeClasses;
  • AVFoundation, MapKit;
  • Core Location;
  • JSON;
  • HTTP Response/Request;
  • Categories.

Want to progress further? Get started with IT-Guru Lab courses today!

How to become IT-Guru Lab student?
Take technical test on one of the directions: Java, C++ and iOS. Your technical test results are basis for the course enrollment.

Technical test
Test questions are based on the curriculum of the respective courses.

Delivery methods
KHNURE, Room 367 . Courses are instructor led and delivered as a practical training in the groups of 2-3 attendees . The courses are also incorporated with the number of lectures required for completion of technical tasks.

The assignments are prepared in such a way, so that students gain both practical and theoretical knowledge in the selected field of studies. Perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and application skills at IT-Guru Lab guarantees excellent learning experience and prepares students for the real world competitive environment.