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From the first day the company was founded, as its basic philosophy was chosen the principle of combining Japanese and American management systems to ensure the best results of the company. At the heart of the Japanese management system based on the principles formulated by Akio Morita – founder of SONY and Konosuke Matsushita – founder of Matsusita Electric (Panasonic). Later, these principles have been called the Japanese management system. At the heart of the American system of management based on the principles of Henry Ford. We took the best of both worlds.

Social Responsibility

Any business, being a part of the society, maintains its relationship with all other members of the society, which are individuals, groups, organizations, families etc. Infostroy is not an exception – which means we have certain responsibilities towards society, such as to generate employment, to provide assistance in the field of developmental research on education, to support and promote young and talented people etc.



Work, Grow, Enjoy

Do you have talent and you expect prospects? Or do you have years of experience and want to double it? We are looking for someone who will strengthen our dream team of cool, highly motivated, experienced and bright professionals. Our doors and hearts are wide open.

Study at IT-Guru

IT-Guru Lab is a joint project of Infostroy Ltd and the Department of Informatics at KHNURE providing Information Technology courses for students in their 2nd through 5th years of university.

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