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15 years of success,
innovations and inspiration

Team of highly qualified specialists

When the wind blows,
we build windmill,
while the others build walls…


From the first day the company was founded, as its basic philosophy was chosen the principle of combining Japanese and American management systems to ensure the best results of the company. At the heart of the Japanese management system based on the principles formulated by Akio Morita – founder of SONY and Konosuke Matsushita – founder of Matsusita Electric (Panasonic). Later, these principles have been called the Japanese management system. At the heart of the American system of management based on the principles of Henry Ford. We took the best of both worlds.

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Open Positions

IT-Guru Lab

The joint project of Infostroy Ltd. and the Department of Informatics in Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics. We invite students of all specialties to study Java, Visual C++ and applications development for iOS.

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Domain, Methodologies and Technologies

Contact Us

Infostroy Ltd. Head Office

51, Elizarova str.
Kharkov, Ukraine

+38 057 7176-154